2014 Miramonte Pinot Gris


After a lovely dinner over seared tuna and steamed broccoli, we decided to have a glass of a white pinot gris to compliment the meal. We’ve come a long way since our first sip of Cabernet Sauvignon, learning to appreciate white wine.

The Cab was one of the first reds we’ve ever shared together and ever since the spontaneous evening we shared over a bottle, we learned that we shared a love for cabs. Our pallets yearn for a full bodied, savory type of wine, whites is definitely at the other side of the spectrum, but we’re beginning to explore the dry types of whites.

For this particular bottle, once we had our first sip, we’ve come to an agreement that Miramonte’s Pinot Gris left a magnificent impression to our pallets. It may be safe to say this bottle has easily won our hearts over towards drinking more whites.

Note: Like most white wines out there, the Miramonte Pinot Gris displayed a color like apple juice. After a couple twirls, we picked up a swift of sweet gala apples. Landed on our pallets with a crisp touch and hints of fleshiness and white peaches. I, personally, like to take a sip of my first taste and have my second sip to linger in my mouth to capture the entirety of the aged wine. Highly drinkable due to its juiciness and fruit forwardness. Right when we took our first sip, we looked at each other with our eyes all lit up from the fresh and crisp flavors that instantly hitting our pallets. Almost felt like I was in a spring time, backyard setting sharing a bbq with some friends and watching a couple dogs running around playing catch. I would recommend to drink this chilled, maybe have a couple glasses in the fridge before pouring the wine, to enjoy the crisp and unoaked flavors of the wine.

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