Wilson Creek Almond Champagne


What’s Christmas and New Years without a touch of bubbles and giggles? I’m sure people have noticed the demand for getting drunk during the holidays, by the way markets place all their alcohol at the front of the store in an appealing design that wraps all around the entrance of the building. Markets end up looking like a BevMo during the holidays.

As Daniel and I walked around a market to purchase groceries for his Christmas Party, he asked me if I’ve had Almond Champagne before. He was surprised I’ve never had it before, and he picked up the bottle right away for me to try.

I brought a case of champagne glasses my godfather gave me from the Irish pub he used to own over to Daniel’s House. Never knew they would be put to use until this dinner. Thanks godfather! I remember when my godfather came over for dinner with my family, bottle of Champagne in hand showing me how to properly pop a bottle open. He mentioned the cork comes out like a bullet and could cause some serious damage to someone, so I made a note to never point a cork towards anyone. Unwinded the secured wires, gave the guy a little shake and next thing you know he left a dent in the kitchen wall. No worries though, it was a spectacular evening with the family.

Closing in on midnight, we popped the champagne bottle. I reenacted how my godfather popped the Champagne bottle with the family. What followed was a beautiful night with loved ones.

Notes: Great experience with this sparkling champagne. Took in the beauty of capturing it’s natural fizz through the champagne glass. Instant burst of bubbles, had a nice balance of sweetness with the carbonation and flavor. Fantastic flavor, crisp and refreshing. You’ll taste almond oils near the finish following with the fizz. Will want a bottle of this at any celebration. One of a kind, almond champagne.

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