Cairanne Cõtes Du Rhõne Villages 2012

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Hello Everyone, we apologize for the long hiatus. It has been a busy year, but none the less we are still drinking wine everyday and have plenty to share!

A recent bottle we tasted was one from the region of Rhõne, France. A city known to produce many French wines that are exported all around the world. We didn’t want to start with a fancy Bordeaux bottle, since we are barely scratching the surface area of French wines. This might be our second french wine bottle we have tasted together. We will be talking about Bordeaux down the line, but for now we will be building our pallets for the special day.

After dinner we poured a glass of a Red French Rhõne Wine bottled in 2012. We both agreed this bottle had to be one of the most unique tasting red wine we have ever tasted. It wasn’t your typical fruity or bold red nose we are usually familiar with. We picked up strong notes of grounded black pepper and black currants lingering around the peppers. A couple swirls tasted of bold dark berries, mostly of black currants and cherries. This wine is definitely spice forward, I have never tasted a wine so balanced with spices and and fruits. the Cairanne is an elegant and light red wine that I feel would pair well with food high in spices and flavors. We had an exciting time exploring parts of Rhõne, a bottle we won’t be forgetting. Cairanne left a strong impression on us with the peppers they contained. We highly advise pairing this red wine with a bold protein. Let us know if you did, we would love to hear how the pairing went, since we had a glass after our meal.

NOTES: Elegant, light red wine with strong black pepper aromas. Dark fruit forward, black currants, cherries and black licorice. Fruits come out after a couple hours or with a Aerator. Smooth wine best complimented with a seasoned meal.

OPINION: I wouldn’t purchase the Cairanne again unless they have bottles that are not as spice forward. This bottle contained very powerful aromas or finely grounded black peppers, overpowering the wine itself. Pairing the wine with some seasoned protein could be a different story, we might try it again sometime if the curiosity hits. The Cairanne was a very unique and exciting tasting for us! If you’re looking for something different, the Cairanne is a bottle to try, affordable and a conversation starter. We couldn’t stop talking about the wine for a couple hours, it’s nothing like the other reds we’ve had in the past. We will be looking for this characteristic in the future from Rhõne wines!

** 5 days later**

My boyfriend started noticing flakes appearing inside the bottle of Cairanne. If you look at our photos attached, this was our first time encountering flaking in our wine. I was very concerned, but with some research apparently it’s know to appear from well-fermented wine aged from 8-10 years. Let us know if you have knowledge of wine flakes, but it looks like our wine was fermented VERY well. You can imagine the excitement in our eyes when we found out we had a taste of great talent. This will be a wine tasting milestone for us. Happy flaking, cheers!

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