Bodega DiamAndes Gran Reserva 2008


Name: Bodega DiamAndes Gran Reserva 2008
Type: Red | Bordeaux Red Blend
ALC: 14%
Origin: Argentina, South America
Creator: DiamAndes Winery

Taste: (Wine Glasses) 5/5
Value: (Corks) 5/5

– Dark, plum appearance
– Ripe plums, jammy
– Smooth, hint of tannins
– Lingering oak finish

Cheers to Friday, to the end of another week. Popped open this gorgeous bottle and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

We found out the following day that the Bodega DiamAndes Grand Reserva 2008 was one of the last of its kind. We definitely enjoyed this Malbec, to the point where we went back hoping to grab a couple more. A bottle from Argentina was a first for the both of us, so it was quite exciting. South America is known to be exotic. After tasting a pour we were sold! A wonderful wine, wished there was more out there for us. Keep an eye out and drop a message in our comment box if you see one.

Notes: Contains lots of character and personality, bold and complex. 85% Malbec, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon. Appearance of a dark, plum color. Ripe plums at the nose, whiff of a strong bite. The Bodega DiamAndes Grand Reserva 2008 tasted smooth and jammy, full of flavor and complexity. There was a hint of tannins in the blend, not too big of a fan for tannins, but it wasn’t very prominent, since the wine was bursting with bold flavors. Beautiful, lingering oak finish

Update – We are currently aging a bottle at home to pop open a year or two later. Possibly even for a special occasion, it’s one of our favorites!

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