Bogle Essential Red 2012


Name: Bogle Essential Red

Type: Red | House Blend
ALC: 13%
Origin: Clarksburg, California
Creator: Bogle Vineyards

Taste: (Wine Glasses) 4/5
Value: (Corks) 5/5

– Red, with tint of pink appearance
– Bold, full-bodied nose, strong scent of Syrah
– Smooth, unoaked flavor
– Savory, smooth finish

I don’t know where to begin with this bottle, since our first tasting of this Bogle Essential Red 2012 from Bogle Vineyards, Daniel has purchased 2 cases of 12 for his parties. You must be wondering who in their right mind would purchase a case of 12 after trying this red once, but because of the wine’s special blend, you can have this for pretty much any occasion. Very friendly with people and will appeal to pallets, like a puppy that charges towards you after opening a front door. I was very reluctant to watch him follow through with his decision, until I saw a huge box in the living room and a happy Daniel lingering over the box. Once Bogle was served at the parties, I also came to a conclusion the bottle was the perfect party wine.

After serving 6 bottles throughout the night during a Thanksgiving dinner, the family complimented the wine and made for several more classes of this easily drinkable, full-bodied red.

Satisfying, easily likable, and you can never go wrong with a good ol’ Bogle. The Bogle Essential Red 2012 can be found in many market and there’s a reason why this bottle is seen in many place. This bottle is instantly ready to go, no decanting needed. An easy pick me up if you’re picking up a couple groceries to prepare dinner and would like a little something to compliment your meal. This red’s characteristics is very easy-going, friendly wine that can be labeled is an old friend you’ll be seeing periodically.

Notes: Appeared with a tint of pink, possibly due to hints of strawberry notes. Bold and full-bodied with a strong scent of Syrah on the nose. With smooth and unoaked flavors that open up on your pallet that you savor for a good 10 seconds before wanting to place your lips on the glass for another sip. This bottle is slightly on the sweeter side of Cabs, and difficult to put down after your first couple of sips. This red provides a comforting and smooth taste that leaves you satisfied throughout the night, whether you’re cooking in the kitchen, chatting over a meal or sharing an evening with yourself. Bogle will be your go-to red if you’re having a hard time deciding what your pallet is craving tonight.

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