Miramonte Riesling 2011

Miramonte Riesling 2011

Name: Miramonte Riesling 2011
Type: White
ALC: 11%
Origin: Temecula, California
Creator: Miramonte Winery

– Yellow Diamond colored tint
– Peach & apricot notes
– Dry, juicy & crisp
– Smooth and thick finish, refreshing

After a nice workout at the gym, we enjoyed a Miramonte Riesling 2011, another from Miramonte. Usually we like to hit the gym several times a week, since a glass of wine shouldn’t be our main source of vitamins to keep us healthy. Although, there have been articles stating the health benefits of consuming a glass of wine a day.

This was my first time trying a Riesling, since I’m more of a Reds drinker. Daniel told me the first time he had a Riesling was at a gathering and it was one of the reasons he began to enjoy whites more. I was quite surprised since he’s also a Reds drinker. Once we popped this bottle open, I wanted to explore whites on the drier side. I like an occasional white now and then because it becomes so sweet, but if they’re more on the drier side I would definitely love to have another glass to three.

Great first experience with a Riesling.


NOTES: The Miramonte Riesling 2011 was quite refreshing to have in the middle of spring. White peach and apricot nose, more on the drier side of whites. The white appeared to have a tint of yellow, similar to a yellow diamond color. Having the wine sit on my pallet, it was crisp and smooth. My mouth watered from the Riesling being juicy and dense. A thick, but friendly wine to have. Highly drinkable. Refreshing on a warm day, if you value whites on the dry and crisp side.

Remember, a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away!

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