About Us

If you like to stay thirsty, then you’re in the right place! Our interest in sharing our passions in wine arose during a special trip we took during the summer of 2014. Since the trip, here and there we would share a bottle over dinner and talk about how our mutual enjoyment with wine has been together. Loving to stay adventurous and trying new things, we decided to share our opinion, whether agreed upon or not, with whomever would like to stay up to date with a simple wine blog. We will be updating 3 time a week with 3 different wines we blindly pull from our “cellar.”

Follow us on our adventure from starting off as everyday people enjoying a nice glass over dinner, to aspiring bloggers appreciating the world of wine. Cheers!

Stay tuned for updates on information about the diverse Wineries located in Temecula California. We are beginning to build our cellar of winery profiles, so please check back often for upcoming events in the community and news. We’re here to share our passions in staying thirsty.

Join us on our journey from describing wine as burnt potatoes to swirling a wine glass to smell the fruity aromas. Future wine experts currently fermenting.